How To Maintain IT Exam Study Habits

by Girard Kavelines
How To Maintain IT Exam Study Habits

 Consistency is key in any industry and in most things you want to accomplish. But in IT it’s essential in order to reach that next level in your career. Whether it’s moving to an engineering position in your company or moving along on your certification journey. Maintaining a set path is needed and when it comes to study habits sometimes we can get distracted along the way. Let’s check out some quick tips to keep us on track to our certification path.

Manage Your Time Wisely

It’s always much easier said than done but managing your time is needed to keep focus. There’s 8 hours in a day. How we utilize those hours is up to us. Set a scheduled time during the week to read or do a quick review of one or two topics and then an overview to assure you have a strong grasp of the information well. No matter which IT exam you’re studying for, breaking it up into sections and making it more digestible is also a good strategy in taking in new knowledge.

Creating A Roadmap And Study Plan

The more aware you are of  the IT exam topics you are weak in, the better that will help you in outlining a detailed study plan. Create a custom plan designed around where you’re at in the studying process not only shows you where you need focus, but also is a great tool in allotting time management to those areas you’ll need to work on. Subnetting is one of my weak areas I discovered during my CCNA studies so I know to focus more heavily on that area then revisit my stronger knowledge areas later on. Having the roadmap is the second part of this. Once you have a study plan in place and have passed that exam, now you should look at your roadmap, a detailed outline of where on your career path you’re at and where you’re looking to be within a certain time frame. Keep sight of the goal at hand.

Know When To Take A Break

Let no one tell you different. It’s okay to take a break – we’re human. We study hard, we work, and some of us even have multiple jobs. But through it all, we need to have balance. It’s okay to decompress, watch TV, play a video game, etc. We need to remember there’s an entire world out there and in some cases we have little ones and life partners who need their attention too. Always make sure your priorities are set first and foremost.

As IT pros, we work unlike any others. The countless change windows, 12-hour project days and more. We grind because we want to be the absolute best and in preparing for a certification exam, we can’t spare any expense. Those are the moments when we need to remain laser focused, and on point to assure we reach our goals were looking to achieve. Maintaining good study habits can be tricky sometimes but once you’ve set a plan, sticking to it will come naturally. And if you’re looking for great resources along the way… cough, cough, I may know of a few below.

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