Why Sonic the Hedgehog Would Be a Great IT Pro

by Girard Kavelines
Why Sonic the Hedgehog Would Be a Great IT Pro

A few months back I read an amazing piece from my good friend A.J Murray on how Mario would be an incredible IT professional. I’ve got to tell you, it was one of my favorites and so fun! It really broke down how a character we all know and love could thrive in IT. He also explored how Mario could teach us valuable life lessons we could still use in our careers to every day. But it got me thinking – Mario’s success was spot on to who he was, but what if someone had a different approach in IT? Someone really fast, kinda blue and who wears the coolest looking red shoes. Sonic the Hedgehog for me was life as a kid and like Mario, through his own ways I feel would thrive at a speed most couldn’t keep up with on any IT team!

Let’s take a look at how Sonic the Hedgehog would fair as an IT Pro.

Sonic The Hedgehog Always Goes For The Gold Rings

No matter what the case may be, Sonic lives for his gold rings. They provide him abilities to travel through different worlds in seconds. And most importantly when he sees one or many he rushes at lightspeed to obtain every one. His path in IT would be no different, whether it was completing a project before his deadline, or moving up the ladder in any organization from Helpdesk and above. His penchant for success knows no limits and just like each level –  he’ll complete it with ease.

Sonic Can Satisfy Even The Most Difficult Customer

It’s no secret we’ve all had that one client or customer who we can’t make happy. No matter how many hours of support we offer, or emergency calls we hop on, but for Sonic though I bet they wouldn’t be much of a problem. For all of his quick and cunning decisions he makes on the fly, he’s also a pretty smooth talker. The right wording, tone and body language help set up for the initial conversation you’re going to have with that client and thereafter the relationship you’ll have. They want to feel they’re in good hands and their environment will be taken care of to the fullest degree. If you can provide that you’re golden. Delivering on the solution is also key. Whether it’s refreshing switches, implementing SD-WAN or any other IT project, the less hiccups the better, fast, through and well-done implementations are what to strive for and for someone like Sonic that’s a breeze in itself.

Sonic Can Handle New Technologies Thrown At Him

Robotonik stops at nothing to throw something in Sonic’s way to capture him or slow him down – be it capture devices or an army of drones. Sonic’s quick feet dodge these obstacles like nothing else. I know if he can handle that many challenges in his day to day, new technologies would be no different. Whether its FirePower or VeloCloud one day, then Palo Alto, Exchange Servers and Active Directory the next, Sonic has the uncanny ability to adapt to any one of his situations and get himself up to speed to meet the demand of his customers no matter what.

Sonic As Backup When Needed

Even the world’s fastest hedgehog needs backup sometimes, and that’s true even if he were in an IT environment. Could you imagine Tails flying around carrying equipment over to Sonic for a deployment, or Knuckles racking and stacking gear slightly faster than him only to try and rub it in his friendly rival’s face. It’s important to surround your self with reliable allies that have your back – especially at work. But when times call for it, even with his speed, extra hands are a must in order to get the work completed on time and efficiently.

Sonic Isn’t Afraid To Take Risks

One thing is certain, Sonic fears no one. His “live for the moment” approach and daredevil tactics while sometimes out there can also be of use to those customers unsure of when or how to take the next step in upgrading their gear. Sometimes we need that voice of reason to push us towards that next step we may not have taken on our own and having people like that in our corner is the difference in a safe, modern infrastructure or one full of vulnerabilities.

BONUS STAGE: Sonic Collects Any Extra Resources He Can

Just like his bonus stages, Sonic collects any extra resources he can to aid in his mission against stopping Dr. Robotonik. In IT, whether you realize it or not, we’re doing the same thing. Through constant learning, growth and IT certifications, we’re adding to our tools and skills to thwart any IT issue that may arise. Sonic will forever be a learner. He never stops growing and finding new ways to keep Green Hill Zone safe and all the animals free. In our IT journeys, we should strive for the same growth in our day to day lives. Now if I can do my studying in Casino Night Zone with that awesome music playing in the background, I’m all for it.

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