IT Pranks To Keep Your Sanity In Check

by Girard Kavelines
IT Pranks

 Okay let’s face it – we’ve all either been a part of one, helped planned one, or have executed the most elaborate one of them all. I’m talking about IT pranks. April Fools’ Day is notorious as the one day of the year where all bets are off and anything goes in pranking family, friends and loved ones.

On April Fools’ Day – even in IT – you’re not exempt from the chaos that can follow sometimes at your own expense. I mean come on, who hasn’t changed the screen ratio size on the desktop icons, or flipped the entire desktop upside down?

But you have to watch out and be careful not to let them get out of hand. Sometimes what starts out as a harmless prank can end up having real repercussions. I had an instance where someone pulled a seemingly harmless prank, but its results were disastrous. Some of my files weren’t saved and were set to a previous version causing delays in a huge project I had been working on for quite some time. Costing me three days of work, one huge headache and an upset boss was no laughing matter. Before you prank, just make sure it doesn’t have any effects on your business or organization. Always make sure while your pranks are humorous and light hearted, that they’re not harmful or malicious to your organization in any way.

In a stressful environment, (and what IT department is stress free?), a good old-fashioned prank while potentially aggravating is also good fun for all of us in many ways. It allows us to smile especially at times of stress.

The old saying goes “you’ve got to laugh a little” and there’s no better time than April Fools’ Day to bring out some smiles on the faces of others. Feel free to take today to prank someone, tell a joke or even… I don’t know… change their screensaver to the Blue Screen of Death – whichever you prefer. Being silly is part of our human nature, even in the IT world. We all face constant change windows, emergencies that need to be dealt with immediately, and more. A little April Fools’ Day prank or joke might be just what your IT team needs today.

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