How To Wrestle With Your IT Challenges

by Girard Kavelines
How to wrestle IT challenges

Professional wrestling has been around for over 100 years, and has become wildly popular in the US. Anyone that knows me will tell you I’m a huge pro wrestling fan. I’ve been one since I was a kid when I watched my first matches on TV with my mom and grandmother. Watching Hulk Hogan body slam a giant, a Deadman walk, and so many other larger than life characters being huge stars was always intriguing to me. Especially now since over the years I’ve realized we as IT professionals are just as big as superstars within the organizations we work for when dealing with IT challenges.

All the bright lights, and eyes are on us as we deploy new network gear or virtualize an entire companies’ infrastructure. But with all that IT fame comes the challenges we wrestle with everyday and in some ways it’s no different than the challenges these wrestling heroes faced inside the ring.

No Holds Barred

More often than not, like these wretling matches, our after hours change windows turn exactly into this: No Holds Barred. We have to do whatever is needed to complete our task at hand. I can tell you from experience some of my change windows were no easy task. Those 2 AM and 3 AM windows felt like forever to complete. But in the end once you find the solution needed, you walk away victorious and holding your head high to battle another day.

Being The Champ Is Never Easy

In wrestling and in life everyone wants to be the World Champion. Hulk Hogan, the Undertaker, Kurt Angle and Ric Flair were some of the biggest names to do it. Their hand raised in victory as you stand among your peers atop of the mountain. More often than not though, being the champion comes with the most responsibility – and in IT it’s no different. We bare an enormous amount of responsibility. From moving workstations, setting up new phones, creating AD accounts, to putting out fires sometimes before they even happen, being the champion can be exhausting, especially if you’re the sole IT provider for the entire company. But like true champions do, we rise to the challenge, oust them with our skills, tools and finishing moves to get the victory and move onto our next task. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Factions Are Always The Best

Factions are groups of three, four, or sometimes even more individuals who all come together in numbers to overpower their opponents, capture all the gold and look good while doing it. Even if you’re the World Champion, sometimes you need some backup and that’s never a bad thing. Our IT teams serve as these factions – a group of individuals who come together to knock out multiple projects and keep the organization running effortlessly and smoothly. If one of us gets overwhelmed with multiple tasks, its as simple as tagging in a fresh partner to bring that momentum needed to keep going. There’s nothing collectively factions cannot accomplish. Keeping a well-maintained infrastructure and processes in check can make you and your teammates day-to-day a breeze. The NWO and Bullet Club put it best and it applies to us as IT pros more than ever sometimes being on top of things is just too sweet.

Perfecting Your Craft

Winning matches, championships, and being on top is always the goal. But whether it’s in the squared circle or in IT, mastering your craft and honing your skills is a must. With the right training and guidance, you’ll be ready to hit the ropes in no time.

Sometimes our challenges feel like a cage match, others a tag team, and more often than not a full-on bedlam where all chaos breaks loose in our day to day problems. But when our backs are against the wall, its at these moments that we need to dig deep, rise from the mat and prepare for whatever obstacles that’ll come our way. I know for one that if any challenge has me locked into a submission, I won’t be tapping out and letting it defeat me. And I know you won’t let that happen either.

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