Which UCCE Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Class Is Right for You?

by Bill Heller

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) application is a very powerful contact center solution. With that power comes complexity. It can be overwhelming. To help you decide what class or classes you need to consider, do yourself a big favor and read all three course descriptions. Between the advice found here and those course descriptions, you the reader should have the clarity necessary. There will also be a suggestion at the end on how you can continue your education after the classes.

What Class To Take

To help you decide what class or classes are appropriate, it really comes down to what role you want to pursue using this solution. Over the years of teaching I have noticed that three distinct groups attend this training:

  1. Customers
  2. Technology Partners
  3. Cisco employees that are either new to this product or want to further their knowledge about updated releases of the software

Each of these groups have their own reasons for attending the course but each has their own ways of using the information. This will help indicate what course or courses should be considered.

If You Are A Technology Partner Or Cisco Employee

As a technology partner or Cisco employee who is new to this product, you will need to have a depth of knowledge to advise your customer as well as build a working solution. You will be the authority. Then you should think about taking all three classes. By taking all three you will have a deep knowledge about this contact center solution. Here are the classes you should take in this order:

Even if you take every class that doesn’t mean that your education process is complete. Later in this article we will explain, the next steps.

If You Are A Customer

Your role will have a heavy influence. As you read the examples below and think about your implementation you should gain clarity about what class or classes you should consider. The following are those examples:

  • There are customers who lean heavily on their technology partner to both monitor and maintain the UCCE solution. If you are one of those and you desire to become more involved in both the day-to-day operation as well as potentially building new call flows (business rules) then you will need to start with the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Administration (UCCE-A v11.5)
  • If you’re a customer that has been working with the UCCE solution for some time and you have read the Administration Course description and feel confident in your skills related to this course then you can go straight to the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Advanced Administration (UCCE-AA v11.5)
  • If you are a customer that has taken the Administrator Class and want training on the advanced capabilities found in the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Advanced Administration (UCCE-AA v11.5) class, then this would be the next class you should consider.
  • If you are a customer that has a “Day 2 Support Contract” with either Cisco or your technology partner, then you normally do not need to take the Deployment class. You will see when you read the course description that this course covers a deep dive into the installation and maintenance of the UCCE solution. These tasks are normally covered by your “Day 2 Support Contract.”
  • There is a growing group of customers that have had or currently has a “Day 2 Support Contract.” For cost reasons, some of these customers desire to go into a “self-maintenance” mode. When they do this, they are still not alone but you would be responsible to contact the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for technical issues. Having this extra depth of knowledge found in the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Deployment (UCCE-D v11.5) on how the product works is essential when interfacing with TAC.

Necessary Next Steps After Class

It really doesn’t matter whether you only need to take one or two or even all three of the UCCE classes, the next steps will still be needed. At the beginning of the article, I mentioned how this UCCE solution is a complex contact center product. Although the training will give you a wealth of knowledge the education process has only begun.

Cisco does a very good job of documentation. Be aware there is no one document that has every fact you will need. The truth is it may take reading several documents about a particular subject to see that subject from every angle. I suggest that you download all of the possible documentation but leave it in PDF format. You can then use the search capabilities within each of those PDF documents to find everything necessary.

The reality is you will never fully know everything about this complex solution because it is constantly evolving with new features and capabilities regularly being introduced. A good way to find out about new features and capabilities are in a new version of the software is to become familiar with the Release Notes. Within the Release Notes you will see what is being introduced. This information can guide you if you are going to use these new features. If you plan to use these features, further document searching is necessary.

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