Cisco Extends Expiration Dates of All Active Certifications

by John Mark Ivey

In response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Cisco announced the extension of expiration dates for all active certifications. The six-month extension began March 16 and includes all Cisco and DevNet specialist, associate, professional, and expert certifications in addition to CCT and CCAr certs.

The extra 180 days extends the certification active status and allows additional time for certification holders to re-certify. Expiring certification dates will automatically be extended with no action required on the part of certification holders.

By April 2020, certification holders will be able to validate their new certification expiration date by visiting the Cisco Certification summary site.

Certification holders will now have additional time to recertify through Cisco’s Continuing Education program. When they re-certify, the new re-certification date will be three years from that extended date.

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